Jingle all the Way....

It may be early, but we have our tree up! Call us crazy, but our house needed a little Christmas Spirit.
Logan and I decided that each year, we would get one ornament each that described a piece of us. Logan went with the traditional boy theme- sports, and picked a UK ornament. (GO CATS!)

If you know anything about me, you know I left a piece of my soul in Montana when I moved back to Kentucky in August of 2009. So, naturally, I have a moose on my tree- a little piece of Montana. :)

wrapping up the davis wedding shots...

finishing the Davis wedding...




New Blog.

I got a new last name, so naturally, I need a new blog :)
Here's what I did today: 

A photoshoot for Nancy Ashmore, precious kids :)

A shoot for Lizzie Perna, an old high school 
friend. Congrats Lizzie on 
your graduation from Bellarmine University!