Noah Luke

When I was in college, I got a phone call from my best friend Jarrett and it went like this:

"Guess what?" -Jarrett
"What?" -Me
"I met your husband... Do you want me to introduce you to him?" -Jarrett
"You have lost your mind." -Me.
Less than a year later, Logan and I were engaged. Unbelievable, right? Tell me about it.

Jarrett and I had such a close friendship when we were in college. It wasn't until later that I met Tonya, his wife of now almost five years. This couple has been through more together than most couples will go through in a lifetime.
Almost two years ago, Jarrett and Tonya found out they were pregnant... with twins! I still remember the excitement in Jarrett's voice when he called us. I couldn't believe the calm he and Tonya had about it. When Logan and I found out we were pregnant, we were extremely nervous (borderline panicked)-- and we were only having one!

The weeks went on for Jarrett and Tonya, but not without complication. At 24 weeks, Tonya went to the hospital after she realized she may be leaking amniotic fluid. Upon her arrival, they learned that the twins had developed twin to twin transfusion. After visiting four different hospitals seeking care, she finally delivered the girls in Cincinatti at 24.5 weeks. I cried crocodile tears for them when Jarrett called to tell us the girls didn't make it.

Fast forward a year, and we received a picture text from Jarrett. This was the photo:

Tears instantly filled my eyes.
I called Jarrett seconds later, probably screaming too loudly, "Does this mean what I think it means!?!" I cried even more tears when I heard him say yes. I cried more when I told Logan. I cried more when I told my parents. And I may or may not have shed a few more tears typing this right now.

Jarrett and Tonya conceived this miracle baby on what would have been Harper and Reese's first birthday. (Let that sink in a minute.)
Noah Luke Leasor is due August 7, 2015, and I have no doubt in my mind that they will have a healthy and happy, beautiful baby.  This is a story of promise, of love, and miracles. I can guarantee you there has been no other baby born that has had more prayers spoken for it than Noah.

Logan and I traveled to Charleston, SC this weekend to photograph Jarrett and Tonya. (and Noah!)
What a beautiful couple. I cannot wait to see them become a family of three.


There was plenty of silly during this photo shoot. Thanks, Jarrett, for keeping me on my toes!


We took some amazing photos at Battery Park in Charleston. We saw amazing wildlife and sights!

(Typical. ;-) ^^)

When the time comes for Noah to be born, I'll be back in South Carolina. So stay tuned when Noah's story continues. :)