Siler's almost here!

As a photographer, it's often hard to commit to having my OWN photos taken. Shocking, right? I always harp on "keep family photos up to date!" but, I understand how hectic it is to try to schedule, plan for, and follow through with a photo shoot.  Add a four year old, and someone who is 8 months pregnant, and there are all kinds of reasons that it's hard.

However, I actually like having our photos taken. I would venture to say if you polled 10 people, 9 of them would say they didn't particularly "enjoy" being photographed. It's not because I think I'm super photogenic or just love seeing myself in photos. BUT- when I look at these photos my sister captured of my growing family, I cannot stop thinking about how blessed I am. In one image, I see all the things I love so much. I see my husband- who works so hard to provide and care for me, my daughter Kenna- who has absolutely changed my outlook on life.... and inside my belly- Siler Paul Clemons, the little boy who will complete our family.

Thanks so much Holly for these shots- I will treasure them forever!


These two always make me smile! ^

Kenna is going to be the best big sister.

I am so thankful for this family I have, the home we share, and the love we have been blessed with.