Glass Beach, CA

Any time Logan has a few days in a row off of work, we try our best to explore a part of California we haven't gotten to see  yet. This time, we chose Glass Beach-- in Fort Bragg. (About 3 hours from where we live...)
Every since I was a little girl, we hunted for sea glass on the shores of the Outer Banks in NC. Every now and then, we would find a small piece of aquamarine colored glass, or sometimes even a cobalt piece. It was a rare occurrence, and such an amazing one! I couldn't imagine what it would be like to see a beach that is completely made of sea glass.
When we arrived at Ft. Bragg, we checked in to our Bed and Breakfast for the night, (The Glass Beach Inn...) which was nothing short of amazing. They had chocolate chip cookies baked for us when we got there, and welcomed us and Kenna with open arms. Logan and I were celebrating our 5 year first-date anniversary, (whoo hoo!) and the couple who owned the place worked with Logan to choose the best room they had for us to stay in that night.
We unpacked our things and headed down to the beach (only 3 short blocks from our hotel.) I had researched the beach online, low tide times, and where they suggested to find the best glass. I knew that we should turn left at the end of the walk to find the best pieces.
I was in complete shock when I saw the beach! It literally was covered in sea glass.
We found out later that the reason for this, was that it was a dump site for the last 100+ years. Apparently, water has always been used as a dump site, back when they didn't know how hurtful it was to the ecosystems and places around the water. When the earthquake hit San Francisco in 1906, it greatly affected the town near Glass Beach.  They bulldozed much of the town off the cliffs, right into the ocean, pushing their wonderful glass, fine china, cars, and everything inside them over the edge.
We found so many amazing things at the beach. Large green pieces, white, cobalt, aquamarine, old pottery pieces, and much more. (I even found a beautiful old piece of china, which I took to the sea glass museum in town... The man there, Captain Cass was his name-- told me it dated back to 1930, he could tell by the pattern.) It was so amazing to see what had washed up.
The beach was a strange and beautiful sight... it's amazing to think that something done by man- so terrible, can be made so beautiful by God. No matter what kind of trash we are, what kind of rough edges we have, or how we've been pushed off cliffs, God can turn us into something beautiful. He round our edges out and places us back where we belong. It may take a while (even years!) but it's always doable. :-)