Caroline is 6 months!

This is a family I've grown to love so much. I've followed them through their engagement photos, wedding, maternity... and then on to 1 month, 3 month, and 6 month photos. It's been a joy to watch them (and now Caroline!) grow and change.

Isn't she a perfect image of Christmas spirit?!


Finally, Family Photos!

Ah! Finally. It is so hard to get a large family together to do photos! I understand now, how tough it is for my clients to color coordinate, and even to get everyone there on time!
(Throw a 2 year old in the mix and things get really crazy....)
Although, it's ALWAYS worth it. These are photos our family will treasure forever!
These were taken at Angels Camp, CA, near our condo. We spent a wonderful week with my inlaws, visiting so many great places!


Big Trees State Park.

Logan and I started out this morning with the intention of hiking an amazing 17 miles of the John Muir trail in Yosemite National Park. We have been mapping it out for quite some time, we bought the books, did the research, packed our packs and headed that way. Once we reached the gate at Yosemite, we encountered a bizarre snow storm that had shut down Tioga Pass and the surrounding mountain passes. Broken hearted that they would not let us into the park without snow chains, we headed back towards town and found Big Trees State Park.

I have always been in awe of nature, even when I was young.  I've hiked a lot. My parents have taken me hiking since I was 6 years old, and at age 11 I summited Mt. LeConte with them for the first time. (elevation 6,593ft) It was then I really fell in love with the sport.

I've moved across the country twice, I've seen some amazing sights. But nothing so wonderful as the short- less than two mile hike into Big Trees State Park. The giant Sequoias offered me something I've never seen-- they almost feel like left over trees from another time period.... which is essentially what they are! The trees in this grove range from 800-1200 years old.

My favorite photo of the trip- Logan and Kenna gazing up at one of the giants. Incredible work, God... Incredible work.


Such a beautiful family, such a nasty day...

We ALMOST cancelled! We made it though a few scattered raindrops and got some awesome shots of this beautiful family!



I'm so excited to finally post this image! Congratulations to this growing family!


Madison Square Boutique

It's been so exciting working with our new "Madison Square Boutique Beauties"! I have partnered with Hillary Clark of Inspire Photography and Anne Gonzales of Leitchfield's Madison Square Boutique in order to photograph Anne's new clothing in her local store. Stop by MSB in the For Myself Florist building and get some AMAZING new threads! (Tons of chevron too!)


I look forward to working with these beauties more in the future, as well as adding a few more to the MSB lineup!


Tilford Family

I've been looking forward to this shoot for quite some time now! Missy and I have enjoyed talking about what poses we wanted to do, where we should go, and how excited the kids were. I love to include things they love in the photos, to make them more "them!"


Embry/Embry Wedding

I absolutely LOVED getting to know these newlyweds! :) What a beautiful rustic outdoor wedding they had! Everything went so smoothly, we planned for plenty of time... and the pictures truly showed. I'm always so thankful when a bride and groom choose to see each other before the wedding for the private "first look" photos. It's such a romantic time, and the photos we can capture during that time are often some of the bride's favorites.