Influential Art - Beautiful Chaos

.    As many of you may know, Logan and I have purchased a house! After spending nine years away from my hometown, (Lexington, Montana, leitchfield, california...) I'm returning to my roots.
     While I was gone, I developed a love of art and travel, and I met so many people who were instrumental to those things. When I enrolled in Rocky Mountain School of Photography's amazing program, I didn't know how many talented artists I would meet along the way. I met peers, mentors and teachers who inspired, challenged, and helped shape me into the photographer I am today.
     My next photography project will be a compliation of art from those who have inspired and led me in my journey- from a budding young photographer to the artist I've become today. RMSP graduates, teachers and friends, I would be honored to purchase a piece of your art for our new home and my collection of influential individuals. The kicker? I want you to choose the photo. Part of the beauty of photography is the amazing individuality of it all- landscape photographers, portrait photographers, still life, food photographers; there is a genre for everyone. How boring we would be if we all shot landscapes! Or, if we all were fashion photographers! My hope is that with this installation, the beauty of our difference styles and techniques will blend together, complimenting each other, becoming a certain "beautiful chaos." Please choose your art carefully. There is no need to select a "safe" piece. The point is not to make the art look good in my home, or match my decor. The idea is to choose an image that's dear to your heart- reflects your style as an artist, and speaks volumes as to who you are.
     Thanks so much to those who have already contributed to this project- I can't wait to share the end result with you!
     Those who are interested in joining this project, please email me at bclemonsphotography@gmail.com.


...and we're stuck

     The temperature only dropped from Arizona on.  We chose the southern route across the United States to avoid the Colorado snowy winters, but we were regretting our decision almost instantly when we crossed into New Mexico.

We had one more beautiful sunset before the bad weather hit.

     We stopped at a truck stop for a couple hours of rest, and awoke to a 40 degree temperature drop. (whoa.)We were just outside Santa Rosa, New Mexico when the freezing fog hit. It began to build up on our windshield quicker than our wipers would clear it off, so we had to pull over to the side of I-40 every 15 minutes to scrape the windshield. We stopped at a gas station and bought some de-icer for the windshield, which was rated to -20 degrees. We thought surely that would be good enough. (We didn't account for the wind chill.)  Less than ten minutes later, the windshield was completely frozen again. We continued this slow trek onward toward Amarillo.
The day got continually worse from then on. After slipping and sliding all over the road, seeing 15+ wrecks (I stopped counting...) and tons of 18-wheelers off the road, we began to rethink our plans. Camping was already out of the question, and now just making it home seemed far more important than an awesome adventure across the states.
The drive was so desolate.
One thing I really wanted to see on this trip was Cadillac Ranch, a place just outside of Amarillo on Route 66 where there are 10 old Cadillacs buried upright in a farmer's field. I've seen so many awesome photos of it; it's so colorful. They encourage you to spray paint the cars and leave your own artistic mark. My photos of the place were less than impressive. The wind was wild, and the temperature so, so cold. I got a couple shots from the turn off.

Some photos I did like from Cadillac Ranch were some macro shots of some ice covered grass.

     When we finally made it to Amarillo, we found a hotel. (Baymont Inn and Suites.) We crashed there the next two days. Kenna loved the hotel; there was a popcorn machine and cookies by the front desk 24/7! Who wouldn't like it?!

     The next time you read this blog, I'll be in Kentucky. Our plan is to make it to Kentucky as quickly as we can, taking a more northern route than originally planned. Instead of going through Arkansas, we will take Oklahoma to Missouri, Indiana and down into Kentucky. We can't wait to be in the Bluegrass state!