Pothoff Wedding Preview

Mr. & Mrs. Eric Pothoff

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It's the simple things in life that bring the most beauty...


 Every two weeks, the home base families get to have "socialization". It's a wonderful time for the families to get together and hang out, laugh, and eat!
Today, AeroBella got to paint on an easel for the first time! She loved it! 


Thank you, Embry's Bike Shop

 Embry's Bike Shop, Leitchfield ky.

It's true, the world didn't end on May 21. Thank you, Embry's Bike Shop, for giving us all a good laugh. If the world does end this October, I know where I'll be getting my bike. Something tells me they might be running a good sale about that time.... hmmm....

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 Testing out the new lens, see the new toy here.

Thank you, husband, for my new birthday present!



Congratulations to the Future Mr. & Mrs. Garrett Brightwell

Beauty Will Save the World.

Congratulations Garrett and Juliet on your engagement.
Can't wait to shoot your wedding!

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little sis.

I never had a little sister or brother until I got married, July 18, 2010. Now, I have a huge family, and I love it. Who else would play sidewalk chalk with me for two hours, creating an entire city?


Happy Birthday, Mrs. Lange.

When I was enrolled at RMSP, we were given the assignment to find one iconic photographer in history and model one of our pictures after theirs. Of course, I chose Dorothea Lange. A long time favorite of mine, most of you know her for this picture, Migrant Mother:

Dorothea Lange has always been one of my favorites for two reasons:
#1. Lange was a woman that literally changed the way people were treated solely by the click of a shutter. Lange documented rural poverty and the exploitation of sharecroppers in a way that made people listen to her... {without saying a word.} That's my goal.
#2. Her birthday is 2 days before mine, and that's just plain cool.

Here is a great article on the life of Dorothea Lange.



Hot Wheels.
(Thanks little brother for letting my play with these!)





Many of you may know that being a photographer is not my only job. Everyday from 7:30-3:30, I work as a preschool teacher, hopefully making a difference in the lives of my ten children. Collin, one of my kids, is a trip. He's always laughing, cooing, and smiling. And, like all little boys, he is made of rubber. {Which is a good thing.}

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The Twins...

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See any four leafers?


 Thank you to a wonderful family for letting me shoot this precious little boy, Tyson.

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Bella Mae. Ballerina. Beautiful.

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