It's been a while since I've felt so much of a call to action... Until I saw  THIS MUSIC VIDEO.

I was so inspired by the way the cancer survivors are portrayed. They aren't the victims of cancer, they're the victors over cancer. They have triumped because of the incredible people who have stood behind them and supported them through a terrible time. They won.

My project "Onward" started with breast cancer survivors. . . then quickly morphed into including all kinds of cancers since I had so many people interested in particpating. With participants as young as 10 months old, I've realized that cancer really doesn't care. It has no compassion and has no preference. We are the ones that get to make the decision to be strong and stand and fight-- to win.

Do you know someone who has battled cancer, and won? Please let me know, we would love to give them a 100% free photoshoot. We will portray the survivor in a way that screams, "CANCER SUCKS, and I'M BEATING IT." You will have no obligation to purchase prints, but the option is there if you'd like. Profits from print purchase will go to the cancer foundation of your choice. Please contact Brianna at bclemonsphotography@gmail.com or call 270/668/2317 if you or a friend is interested in being photographed.

The idea of this is to not only have individual photoshoots, but to get many cancer survivors together for one picture- with their support systems behind them. This photo will be sold to businesses, doctor's offices, etc... any place that is willing to display survivors that have decided to move "ONWARD." (Profits will all be donated to cancer foundations and research.)

This can be a very powerful project... please help us to work together and display the power of moving "Onward..."

-Fellow photographers: are you interested in helping? Please contact me if you're interested in donating a portion of your profits to this cause.-


Another Family Shoot...

Just a small preview..

Senior Session... K.E.

 Another great senior session with Miss Kelsey... We found some amazing new photo "honey holes"... I'll be looking forward to trying these out again!

 Once again... congratulations to the class of 2012!
See the whole session here.


J&B Engagement Shoot

Yesterday I found another honey hole for picture taking, Sonora KY. I got to shoot a wonderful, hilarious couple- that I was very blessed to meet, and even more excited to be shooting their wedding next June!
The shoot started out great-- pretty average, and just kept getting better and better.
We had beautiful light, beautiful cool weather (for Kentucky), and beautiful subjects!
We were even able to capture some super cool lens flare stuff.^.^.^ (my newest obsession..)
Boomer bucked right up when we told him he could showcase both of his beauties in the photos:
It seemed the truck had a great purpose to serve during the pictures,

(And the more we used it, the happier Boomer was...)

The last photos of the night were possibly the best.  They capture not only God's beauty, but speak a silent word of love and serenity... Can you hear it?

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see the whole shoot HERE.



When I worked at Hallmark in Lexington, KY (2006-2008?) I met a beautiful girl... Cayla. Today, I met her beautiful daughter, Carlie. We had a wonderful photoshoot, beautiful weather, and tons of laughs. There's nothing like being with a three year old to make you forget your problems in life. They're fun, carefree, and simply don't understand all of our complications. . . I believe every now and then, we need that.

Thank you guys for driving all the way here for your shoot, I'm honored!

^^ The last photo of the day; I'm so glad I hadn't put my camera up yet. As Carlie started getting tired, she just had to get on Mommy's shoulders to get to the car... Cayla makes her laugh like a mom always does, even when she's cranky and tired and upset...and voila! A "Kodak" moment. (Food for thought: Is it still a kodak moment if you're shooting with a Canon?)
 photos are copyright B. Clemons and should not be altered, cropped, or changed in any way. 
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Congratulations senior, Helena Hardin!

Congratulations Miss Helena! You're starting the last year of high school... in just a few short months you will embark on an incredible journey of new friends, fresh new starts, and late nights. College will be one of the greatest times of your life- live it up. {you're beautiful!}


Call 270-668-2317 to schedule your senior shoot today!

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Congratulations to the entire class of 2012!

Photos by Brianna Clemons, 270.668.2317, or on facebook as B. Clemons Photography