Collin #2.

LOVE this little boy. He's fun, full of life, giggles, and spit up. Some days are just like this:

Sometimes, you press the shutter at just the right[wrong] moment. and you catch a glimpse of parenthood that many people don't see.

Other times, you see the picture perfect days:

And sometimes you catch the fun and candid times. Thank you guys for an awesome shoot.

See the whole photoshoot HERE



Wow. Big things are coming to B. Clemons Photography. Recent events have allowed me to dive into photography FULL time. I've never been happier... I loved my job working with my children, and I was very passionate about it. However, sometimes, something happens and it serves as a sign. It's a sign to re-evaluate the things in your life...
So, I've re-evaluated, and found that life is too short to not be completely happy with who you are, and with your surroundings.
In two weeks, I will be available full time as a photographer... I'm also going to broaden my horizons. Since being a photographer, I've been asked to shoot weddings, reunions, children, grandparents, newlyweds, business endeavors, even funerals. ... But I'm going back to the basics.
A friend from school posted this blog yesterday... And it hit home with me. I shoot images of families and only post them if they are crystal clear, have bright eyes and are technically "correct". I'm not sure when I got stuck in this rut, but I'm getting out of it NOW. I want to go back to shooting weird things like cigarette butts and rocks and have some people think, "why in the world did she take a picture of that? But that's pretty cool...." That's the kind of photography I like.
And that's the kind of photography I'm going to start doing again.

Throwback Photos.

Thank you all for following my photography
through the highs, the lows,
the ruts and the swells. You've endured many 
phases and stages of my photos-- and through that, 
I've shown you a small piece of my soul.
You're the best .