The arrival of Kemp Ryne

Last week I met with Jade to discuss her birth plans. Would she be active through labor, would she delay cord clamping, what events did she want photographed.... etc.

This morning, we threw that birth plan out the window

Jade called me this morning around 3am and told me her water had broken, and they were going to shower and get ready to go to the hospital, and that I should make arrangements to photograph Kemp's arrival today. (oh, but no rush, just a heads up!) I jumped out of bed, packed my camera gear, and waited for them to arrive at the hospital to be checked.  The next call I received was from a very panicked Boomer, who informed me that Jade was already completely dilated, and they were praying the doctor got there on time to deliver the baby. I jumped in the truck, and made it to Elizabethtown in record-breaking time... which was still too late. Jade and Boomer arrived at the hospital at 4:02am and Kemp Ryne made his arrival into this world at 4:18am. (Do the math, that's 16 minutes to park the car, get to the 4th floor, be admitted, get an IV, and birth a 7+lb baby. Way to go, Jade!)

This is the first birth I've had that I've missed! Normally, I have plenty of time to document the waiting, the naps, the phone calls, everything. I arrived twenty minutes too late, but I still got to capture so many beautiful moments, from kangaroo care to the first time Kemp met his grandparents. Jade, next time you have a baby, I'll be ready! (I'll just camp out at the hospital for the last week of your pregnancy!)










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