J&B Engagement Shoot

Yesterday I found another honey hole for picture taking, Sonora KY. I got to shoot a wonderful, hilarious couple- that I was very blessed to meet, and even more excited to be shooting their wedding next June!
The shoot started out great-- pretty average, and just kept getting better and better.
We had beautiful light, beautiful cool weather (for Kentucky), and beautiful subjects!
We were even able to capture some super cool lens flare stuff.^.^.^ (my newest obsession..)
Boomer bucked right up when we told him he could showcase both of his beauties in the photos:
It seemed the truck had a great purpose to serve during the pictures,

(And the more we used it, the happier Boomer was...)

The last photos of the night were possibly the best.  They capture not only God's beauty, but speak a silent word of love and serenity... Can you hear it?

Click on photos to enlarge
see the whole shoot HERE.


  1. I just got teary eyed. We had a wonderful time, you worked so well with us! I love them all, when it comes time to choosing prints...we may go broke because there is not one that I do not like. Thank you so much for everything, God gave you a great talent and you found it and obediantly followed through with it. And as far as your last question, I hear it. You're great and I love our pictures-can't wait until June :)

  2. You're the sweetest! I'll try not to break you! :)