When I worked at Hallmark in Lexington, KY (2006-2008?) I met a beautiful girl... Cayla. Today, I met her beautiful daughter, Carlie. We had a wonderful photoshoot, beautiful weather, and tons of laughs. There's nothing like being with a three year old to make you forget your problems in life. They're fun, carefree, and simply don't understand all of our complications. . . I believe every now and then, we need that.

Thank you guys for driving all the way here for your shoot, I'm honored!

^^ The last photo of the day; I'm so glad I hadn't put my camera up yet. As Carlie started getting tired, she just had to get on Mommy's shoulders to get to the car... Cayla makes her laugh like a mom always does, even when she's cranky and tired and upset...and voila! A "Kodak" moment. (Food for thought: Is it still a kodak moment if you're shooting with a Canon?)
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