Oroville, CA

Logan's first day of work starts tomorrow. We thought we would have one last out of town getaway before he starts at Rideout Memorial Hospital in Marysville.

Logan and I packed Kenna up and headed to Oroville, CA, about 30 miles north of where we currently live in Yuba City.

I researched online activities to do and found some neat things. . .

Our first stop was at a Chinese Temple... How interesting! Apparently, during the gold rush, it wasn't only Americans who came to dig for riches.  Many Chinese people also came... speaking no english, they built a sort of "China town" in Oroville. Three temples were built, the first two out of wood. When they both burned, they made the third out of brick, and it still stands today.

Our tour guide told us that when they would enter the temple, they would have to ring the gong three times to wake the gods. (This tour made me glad MY God never sleeps!! Hallelujah!) They also had to step over the threshold so that evil spirits could not cling on to them and enter the temple. Seemed strange to me, but it was interesting learning about their culture.

There was a beautiful garden with a koi pond and lots of other buildings on site. There was a typical Chinese home, the old pharmacy, and a tapestry room. Amazing!

Bamboo grew all around the building.
After we left the Chinese Temple, we drove around Oroville. It was filled with neat shops, beautiful historic homes, and the one of the largest earthen dams in the United States.
We also found the greatest little fruit stand on highway 70 headed south back into Yuba City.  I bought a dozen peaches and I swear they may be the best peaches I've ever had. Photographing this fruit stand reminded me of the Missoula Farmer's Market! Oh, how I miss that place. 



 Thank you, Tony's Market for the fabulous peaches and the photo opportunites! :) I will definitely be back for more!

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