We have arrived!

We left this morning from Elko, NV and drove the last 440 miles of our journey.

The majority of the trip was nothing but flat desert, with an occasional small mountain in the distance. I could write about it, but you would get bored.... So I'll skip to the good parts.

When we crossed into California, Tahoe National Forest quickly took our interest. We were in awe of the huge evergreens... the winding roads and rock cliffs took our breath away.  By taking a back road we were able to take in so much more of the scenery; however, at times it became kind of obnoxious, up and down hills, hairpin switchbacks, and 30 mph speed limits.

Once we passed through the Tahoe National Forest, the landscape and topography completely changed. Logan looked up from his book and asked, "Are we in Africa?" The land had instantly changed to an African-esque savannah. The tall golden grass grew everywhere, the hillsides were dotted with gnarled green conifers. We kept our eyes peeled for rhinos and maybe a giraffe, but all we saw was a single whitetail deer.

When we arrived in Yuba City so many things excited us. We were stunned by a big lake in the middle of the city park, the Yuba River which ran right through the city, and the fact that there were espresso bars everywhere. The 109 degree heat greeted us as we pulled into the parking lot to check into our hotel.

We unloaded the necessities and checked out our dinner options. We decided on a quick chinese meal we could order and pick up, only a mile from our hotel.

We ate and researched what all is in this town. I can't wait to explore some! We are so close to some very cool things. I'm looking forward to camping, backpacking, photographing and touring this summer! Did I mention Yuba City has 5 Starbucks? (Hallelujah!)

We walked to a local grocery store where everything costs 99 cents. I couldn't believe it! Even their produce was 99 cents or less. Spinach, blueberries, strawberries... all of it. I'm a sucker for a good deal, and this place was heaven! We picked up some snacks, stopped at Sonic for a drink on the way back, and relaxed the rest of the night.

A little information about Yuba City for you:
-YC is 14 square miles
- Population 65,000
-YC is home to the "Sutter Buttes", the smallest mountain range in the world.

More randoms for the day:
-Kenna learned how to say the word snack, but it sounds more like "Nak" when she says it.
-Kenna also learned how to give hugs-- and it is the best ever!
-Since this move, I have now lived in every timezone in the continental US.
-Kenna now has ten teeth!

If you miss us and wish to skype- my skype name is bclemonsphotography . We have internet here at the hotel and I should be available! I'm so thankful we are able to keep in touch with our family and friends who we miss dearly~!

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