Lee/Rogers Wedding...

My day started out early - 4am, to be exact. As many of you know, my documentary style wedding photography allows me to follow the bride and groom through all the steps of the wedding day... from the hair appointment, right up to the reception, cutting of the cake, and dancing the night away.

I headed into Leitchfield to pick up my second shooter, Angie, and head to Elizabethtown to meet Kelsey and her bridesmaids at their hotel.

Kelsey is one of the most flexible brides I have ever worked with. I was informed the night before that the groom's (Adam) mom was very sick in the hospital with cancer. If you know me very well, you know that I am an extreme softie, and maybe too emotional at times. We arranged for Kelsey to have her hair done at 6am, so that we could arrive at the hospital in Louisville by 8am.

Kelsey got her hair and makeup done (It looked fabulous!) and much to our dismay, we were informed that Adam's mom was not up for visitors. Kelsey took this in stride, and even though she did not plan to, she saw Adam before the wedding to do their first look--  to comfort him, and calm their nerves.

When I say their first look photos were the most romantic I've ever done, I'm not exaggerating. I've never seen a groom look at his bride the way Adam looked at Kelsey for the first time on their wedding day. He couldn't wipe the grin off of his face in spite of the stress of everything else. I always feel like people are allowing me to be a part of a special moment during their first look photos on their wedding day. Kelsey and Adam hugged, kissed, exchanged smiles and nervous giggles as their tension unwound.

After the first look photos, Kelsey and Adam had some time to relax and hang out before we headed to the ceremony location.
I chauffeured the bride and groom around, where we got to take some amazing photos at the Elizabethtown Nature Park... Kelsey was up for anything, even when I mentioned her climbing on top of a round bale of hay in her wedding dress, she didn't bat an eye!

We headed to the church for the bridal party photos, met our third shooter Jarrett, where he was already photographing the guys getting ready, and got some more great shots!

The ceremony was beautiful...
And once that was over, we headed to the reception, which was at Adam's parents house. It was a beautiful, country reception. The family owns a large farm off of the Western Kentucky Parkway, and it is gorgeous! Corn fields as far as you can see...
The reception was full of drinks, dancing, good country food, and laughs. (Not to mention lots of sweat!) It was a typical, humid Kentucky day... however, the rain did hold off, Praise the Lord!

The wedding was a success. Even when we were running behind, the boys were late, or the girls didn't have their hair ready at the projected time, Kelsey and Adam were very easygoing and flexible. I clicked so well with this couple ever since I did their engagement photos a few months ago. I couldn't help but feel the absence of Adam's mom during the day. I said many prayers throughout the day for the couple... prayers of peace, acceptance, and happiness.
Kelsey sent me a message this morning to let me know that Adam's mom had passed away yesterday. I couldn't help but feel connected to this woman I'd never even met. I asked Kelsey if she got to see the video footage of the wedding or see any of the photos I had taken of their day. She informed me that yes, she got to see some video taken and they shared the photos with her. I felt so honored, like I had captured that memory for them. I was both happy and humbled at the same time.
Today I realized my importance as a wedding photographer. It is not just about making money, or being "well-known" or anything like that. I truly believe I am capturing memories with the talents that God gave me... and I got to show those precious moments to a mother who wasn't able to be with her son on his wedding day.
To Kelsey and Adam- I wish you many years of happiness, even through trials. Lean on each other and the Lord to carry you through tough times like these. Be soft to each other, rely on each other, make it a point to fall in love every single day, and never go to bed angry.


  1. This is Katie, the Maid of Honor in Kelsey and Adams wedding. This is the most beautiful sentiment and a perfect description of Kelsey. You all did an amazing job photographing Kelsey and all of us. I'm sure Kelsey was just also appreciative that you were just as flexible as she was. Thank you!

  2. How beautifully said... Kelsey & Adam are that rare couple - true love.

  3. Katie- I am honored to hear you say that! Thank you so much.