Old Family/New Friends

I awoke this morning to a wonderful phone call from my great aunt Margrit Mondavi.  I have met my great aunt one time, when I was eight years old at my grandmother's funeral.  I remember only two things about her-- her amazing full fur coat and her long red fingernails.

I reconnected with Aunt Margrit earlier in the week when I called her to let her know that Logan and I were in California and we would love to meet with her and tour her winery, learn my family history, and spend a couple of days getting to know her.

She informed me that she (At 90+ years old) was traveling the globe this week, but would return next week and she would call me then to plan a date. I am so excited! I have always heard my dad tell amazing stories about her and her late husband Robert Mondavi and their vineyards in Napa Valley. I look forward to photographing all I can while I'm there!


That was the highlight of my day... The rest of it I spent relaxing at the pool with  my friend Jackie, and I even took a few fun snapshots of her this evening!

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