Olmsted/Hamlin Wedding

I'm writing this blog post to share what a wedding shot by myself looks like in its entirety. Thanks Heather and Jeff for having this amazing wedding I'm able to share with you today!

I feel it's very important when choosing a photographer to be aware of what you will receive as far as coverage goes on the big day. This post will give you a better idea of how the day will unfold. These photos are part of my larger package, with all day coverage and two photographers. If you have any more questions about booking with me, pleases email bclemonsphotography@gmail.com.


Getting ready shots are a favorite of mine. There is so much preparation that goes into getting ready, hair and makeup and planning... and these shots are always so much fun.  


When choosing a photographer, be candid with what you desire. Some brides place more emphasis on the girls getting ready than the guys. If this is you, let your photographer know! (After all, there is much more that goes into the ladies getting ready than the men!!) However, if you want them equally balanced, let them know that as well!

Once the getting ready photos are finished, we will move on to bridal portraits, groom portraits, and bridal party.




^These shots are some of my favorites from the wedding. Thanks Chelsea for suggesting this awesome pose!



Detail shots are another one of my favorites. These aren't photos that you'd necessarily hang in your house, but there is so much planning that's goes into the wedding that you want a memory of all of it!


One of the questions I ask my bride is, "What is the shot you will absolutely DIE if I don't get?" Or, in other words, "what is the most important thing about this day to you?" Most of my brides respond with their couple photos. The bride and the groom completely in love on their big day. I spend the majority of the time and give 110% of my effort to making sure these are the best they can possibly be.

After these, the family photos come. It helps to have a list of shots you'd like, especially if you want any special photos of the group. (For example: all the women of the family.)


Ceremony, Reception and more!






And, if you want to see what it looks like behind the scenes, here are a few shots of Chelsea and I, hard at work. :)


A huge thanks to Chelsea Higdon for all of the help. She took some awesome photos of me in action, of the guys and girls, the ceremony, and the reception. Plus, she was a super fun travel partner who was up for absolutely anything. (Including sushi and yoga.) I look forward to our partnership in the future! It's great having a second shooter you know you can count on to assist in any way possible, whether it's carrying my lenses, or getting that absolutely perfect shot. She did it all, and I'm forever grateful! Check out her facebook page for her information and more of her work!











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