The birth of Corbett Wade

When Katie and Greg contacted me about photographing the birth of their first child, Corbett, I was thrilled. I've photographed Katie and Greg's engagement, wedding, and now I would get the honor of seeing their beautiful baby boy enter this big world.

The birth couldn't have come at a more perfect time, since I fly out tomorrow for a Northern California wedding this weekend! When Greg called me at 7am and informed me she was almost completely dilated, I threw my camera gear in the truck and headed for Louisville- I didn't want to miss it!

I arrived in plenty of time, and most of the hard part for Katie was over. Her mom arrived shortly after I did, and the tears started flowing quickly. I love this soft-hearted family.

Greg stayed close by Katie's side the whole time. His love for her was so evident.

As the time passed, family arrived at the hospital. Hugs were shared, prayers were prayed, and there was lots of waiting.

This was the first birth I've shot at Baptist Hospital. They had wonderful staff. Nicole was an awesome nurse to Katie, and accommodated her every need.

It wasn't long before Katie's dilation was complete- and the pushing started. Greg sent out the "Go time" text and alerted family and friends that Corbett was getting ready to make his arrival!


When Corbett arrived, the whole room burst into tears of joy. Hugs all around, and Katie was the happiest of all. I'll never forget her voice when she said, "I just can't believe he's mine," with tears in her eyes. It was such a beautiful moment.

Greg cut the cord....

Corbett was one of the most alert babies I've ever seen. Immediately after birth his eyes were open and looking all around!


Weighing in at 7lbs, 5oz and 19 inches long, Corbett was perfectly healthy!

So much emotion filled the room. Greg and Katie's mom embraced as more tears flowed. ^

Greg went to the waiting room to tell the excited grandparents that he had arrived!

Greg holds his baby boy for the first time!

Corbett is already so blessed to have so many family members that love him so much. Excited grandparents, aunts and uncles- there will never be a day that this little guy isn't loved.

Three generations of Fackler men!


Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of this special moment. The miracle of child birth is something that is completely amazing to me, and being able to experience it with you all was such a joy. I can't wait to see the man Corbett will grow into and the amazing parents the two of you all will be.


  1. Beautiful baby! Corbett is so lucky to have been loved by so many even before he graced the world with his presence. Praise God for a wonderful family!

  2. Beautiful pictures of so much love!!!! Congratulations to everyone!!!!

  3. This was so beautifully written! It brought tears to my eyes!! Congrats Katie and Greg! He is perfect!