Cross country camping trip #2

  When you have a two year old. Life is never quiet. I run all the time, serving snacks, retrieving crayons from strange places she has lost them, making bowls of oatmeal, and singing songs for Kenna. While in yoga class a couple of nights ago, I heard a still small voice that said : "be grateful." (I'm really good at talking to God, but sometimes I fail in being quiet enough for him to talk back to me. Anyone else have this problem?!) We have had a somewhat rough week with Kenna, (I swear she knows change is coming) and Logan has worked the last five days in a row; that makes for one tired momma. I'm guilty of finding myself dwelling on the trials of motherhood instead of just being grateful for being a mother. I'm guilty of not seeing the peaceful soul within while she sleeps (even if it is in MY bed- kicking me in the stomach.)  

     One place where I can always quiet the world and listen is in the outdoors. Traveling has been near and dear to my heart since I was a child and my parents would take us on awesome outdoor adventures. (hiking in the Smokies, beach combing at the Outer Banks, etc.). A few months ago, Logan and Kenna and I left Kentucky for a camping trip- a five day adventure through eight states. (2,300+ miles! approximately 34 hours total.) check out our video from the trip here, in case you missed it.  I'm grateful to have a child who also has developed our love for travel and the great outdoors.

     Tonight, we start the journey back to Kentucky all over again- this time for good. (Although Logan will be returning to California for one more month, I'll stay home to watch my baby niece enter this world! Yay, Piper!)

     The snacks have been bought, (and divided into single serving size baggies..) the car is packed, and the route is planned. This time, we will take the southern route to see five new states I've not yet visited (Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas.). We will also detour to the Grand Canyon (and hopefully do some sightseeing and hiking there.)  I cannot wait. Traveling and seeing all of His wonderful creation is something that forces us to be still enough to hear His voice- in the sunrise and the sunset, in the red rocks of Moab, in the plains of Oklahoma, in the craters of the Grand Canyon.

     Don't forget to follow our journey via Facebook and Instagram (search the hashtag #campacrossamerica.) please join us in praying for decent weather once we head east. Kentucky has received an amazing amount of snow (15+ inches in some places) and driving through that is not at the top of our list! Thank you all for following us on this trip!


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  1. Praying for sunny skies and safe travels.
    Love you guys....XOXOX.