Day two- the hardest and best.

   I'm still exhausted from our second day on the island, (a 9+ mile day.)

   Our primary reason for going to Hawaii wasn't for the beautiful beaches, it was for the awesome hikes and adventure we knew we would find there. Don't get me wrong, we love the beach, but we also love the mountains. I'm not a "lay on the beach all day and get a tan," I'm a "climb the tallest mountain in sight and see a beautiful view," kind of girl.

     We started the day at 7am with sunrise with the boys on their back porch. (Jason and Matt live and work at an aquaponics nursery, which uses red tilapia to fertilize the vegetables they grow, and the vegetables in turn feed the tilapia. Super, super cool symbiotic system that I would love to have one day.) Sunrise was beautiful as we imagined.

^^The view of the mountains from the nursery's back porch...)

     For breakfast, we made oatmeal (that we brought with us) packed with extra goodies- almonds, dried fruit, banana chips, etc.) and packed our lunches for the Olomana Peaks trail.
     I have so much good information and tips on the Olomana Peaks trail, I'll be dedicating a whole post to it... check back soon to see it! Thanks for reading, friends!

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