Overnight and through the desert...

     Logan got off work at 7pm and at 7:45, we headed out. I spent the past two days packing the truck, cleaning the house, and getting ready to make our trip across America (for the second time.) We drove all night, (and stopped at a rest stop to get a couple hours of shut eye,) switched drivers, and kept on truckin'.
     We started the trip with an odometer of 131,777. Feelin' lucky!
We saw the most amazing sunrise- possibly of our lives, in the Mojave Nature Preserve. My favorite thing about watching the sun come up is how quickly the colors change. All of these photos were taken within five minutes of each other. When shooting the sunrise, don't blink. The beautiful colors change all around you- and quickly. A general rule for sunrise is to arrive half an hour earlier than you think you need to, and stay half hour later than you think you need to.

About twenty minutes after "sunrise," we stopped at a rest stop... and this was a perfect example of why you should not give up on sunrise after the beautiful colors begin to fade:

The sun was already up, but this backlit tree was beautiful! (I got some beautiful video of it you'll see later!)
Another thing that changed very quickly was the vegetation. The California redwoods and giant conifers gave way to low growing desert scrub and cacti and other interesting plants.  


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