Mokapu'u Tide Pools

     This hike is another wonderful, free adventure on Oahu. The hike goes up a paved road to the Mokapu'u lighthouse (a 3 mile roundtrip hike.)  Halfway up the hike, we got to see tons of whales migrating north. It was an amazing sight- and our first time seeing whales! The hike to the lighthouse is a very easy hike (with a decently steep incline, however...) but the trip down to the tide pools is a little more tricky.
^View from the beginning of the hike^^
^^Beautiful doves were all over this trail! There were also zebra doves, which have beautiful zebra like markings on their necks.

     If you want to see the tide pools, you turn off just before you reach the lighthouse and head down the rocky slope to the water. There are white arrows drawn on the black lava rock to help you find a (relatively) easy path to the water.
 People stopped to whale watch all along the trail. We also happened to run into our friends again on this trail!
^The trip down the cliffs was a challenging one.... 
But WELL worth the view.
Clear water fills these deep tide pools- perfect for lounging and swimming. Allow at least a couple hours for this hike- you'll want to relax at the bottom in the cool water!

There are three blow holes that shoot up water when a huge wave comes in- be careful, or you'll get soaked!

^^Once at the bottom, look up and to your left to see the Lighthouse.
Watch out for sneaker waves. They will get you! When a wave comes in, the pools fill up quickly, as Logan learned here in the photo pictured below!

^One of my favorite photos from the trip. A beautiful view from about halfway down the cliff.
Like always, the hike down is easier than the hike up :) Bring plenty of water, and be ready for some serious wind. (A hair-do won't last on this hike!) Other than that, just have fun, and be ready for anything. One of the beauties of Hawaii is the aloha spirit- no one is in a hurry, and there are no worries when you are in Hawaii! Aloha, friends!

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